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Jul 1, 2006

Lemon or Lime For a Healthy Beverage or Dressing

Try changing your beverage to ordering a whole lemon fresh squeezed in a glass of water. Add a sweetener is you like and you’ll have a healthy beginning to any meal.
I like to order a whole lemon cut in half and then I squeeze it into my water glass and onto my salad.
Add slices of lemon or lime and a sprig of mint to smoothies. Layer fish with lemon or lime slices. Make a dressing with extra-virgin olive oil, lime, chopped garlic and mint. Use on baby spinach, leaf lettuce, kale or other dark greens. Pick thick-skinned—shiny and thin-skinned lemons for the best taste.
The Worlds Healthiest Foods ( informs us that lemons are the offspring of the union between a lime and a citron. China or India is where lemons and lime are thought to have originated. Lemons and limes arrived in the Americas in the 1400s.
There are several healthy incentives for enjoying these citrus-packed orbs. Lemons and limes provide: Vitamin C — helps boost the immune system, attacks free radicals (cancer-causing cells) in the body, helps prevent the development and progression of atherosclerosis and diabetic heart disease. They are also associated with reduced risk of death from heart disease, stroke, and cancer, possible cholesterol-lowering effects, compounds called limonoids, shown to fight cancers of the breast, colon, lung, mouth, skin, and stomach in some studies. Lemons and limes are also said to provide protection against macular degeneration. Some studies have even shown improvement of short-term memory.
I have read nothing that indicates negative side effects. It is my habit to have fresh lemon before every meal with the exception of breakfast. Whether preparing salads, fish, steamed broccoli or lemonade, I love the taste of lemon and find that it appears to aid in the digestive process and preventing uncomfortable after effects from restaurant eating.
Try substituting lemons for salad dressings and beverages as a way to avoid the damage of sugar-laden beverages. You too, may become addicted to a healthier beverage with your meals. For an after-meal beverage or late night warm beverage I may have black or green tea with lemon and a touch of honey.


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